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Workplace Safety Training for Managers

If you're a business owner or manager, workplace safety should be a top priority. You and your employees can benefit from our workplace safety training courses and safety training for managers. These classes help you identify potential hazards, work on your risk management process and develop a culture of safety to keep your company functioning well. From learning to perform a workplace risk assessment to dealing with the common causes of workplace injuries, these courses cover a wide range of safety issues.

Risk Assessment - The Basics

For Supervisors, Managers and/or safety people starting their career in health & safety who want to learn the fundamentals of completing a workplace risk assessment. Furthermore this is for business owners who wish to understand how to manage risks in the workplace.

This course will give you the basic understanding and confidence to perform work in a safe manner as well as an understand how to create a basic risk assessment for your workplace.

Managing Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome In The Workplace

Protect employees from hand-arm vibration syndrome and meet your legal duties regarding Hand-Arm Vibration, under relevant health and safety law in accordance with current guidance from the Health and Safety Executive..

Gain an understanding of the risks and health effects of vibration in the workplace. Get in-depth knowledge of managing the health and safety risks from HAVS.

Managing Safety in Construction Course

It is your legal obligation to comply with legislation and regulations. Breaching health and safety regulations is a criminal offense.

By the end of the course, you will have the essential skills and knowledge to ensure you and your colleagues are working in a safe environment.

PSDP Course The Basics

This short course on PSDP has been developed by training specialists and explains how to understand the role of the PSDP, what is a competent PSDP and what actions need to be implemented so as to comply with the safety laws surrounding the role..

You will have the confidence in knowing that your statutory obligations under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013 are met.

Why Is It Important to Know How to Do a
Workplace Risk Assessment In-House?

An in-house risk assessment can help identify hazards and risks. Perhaps your business works with hazardous materials. In that case, a risk assessment makes sure they're stored and handled correctly. Risk assessment also identifies individuals who may be at risk and determines which control programs and measures are sufficient.
Architects drawing on a construction plan.
What Is the Goal of Risk Assessment?
The goal of risk assessment and the risk management process is to avoid illnesses and injuries and to keep your employees and customers safe from health hazards. When done properly, risk assessment mitigates or removes each potential risk and adds safety precautions. It explores the circumstances and possible consequences of each risk as well as ways to control it.
Topics Included in Workplace Safety Training
To properly conduct risk assessment in your company, consider instituting an employee safety training program along with specific training requirements. Your safety program can cover topics specific to the kind of work you do, such as identifying hazards, properly reporting incidents and dealing with consequences. With the proper training material and guidance from safety professionals, you'll discover how to create a safer workplace.
How Creating a Culture of Safety Can Benefit Your Business
How Creating a Culture of Safety Can Benefit Your Business
A training program in occupational safety may help you create a culture of safety for your business. Your employees learn to identify risks and report them before accidents happen, handle hazardous materials properly in the construction industry and other fields, apply safety measures and effectively cope with any problems that occur. This makes your employees and customers feel happier, more comfortable and safe. You'll also avoid potential legal issues and have the satisfaction of knowing you're doing the right thing.
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