Workplace Health & Safety Free Courses

The shortage of safety people during and post Covid-19

In this webinar Gavin explains how Covid-19 has impacted health and safety roles across different sectors and what trends we can expect to see in the industry in the near future.
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Great techniques when interviewing safety talent

Learn how to find and assess great safety talent for your organisation in this webinar. Get to grips with the most important competencies for safety roles and learn how to use a specialist health and safety competency framework effectively. Understand why behaviour is an important consideration in safety jobs and how to use a scorecard to assess the right behaviours for your team.
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Why video interviews will be the new norm in safety hiring

Listen to Gavin's top tips for using video interviews to assess candidates for your safety roles. Gavin explains why he believes video interviews are the new norm and how and why your business should be using video as a format for hiring. He goes in details about hiring techniques and assessing people.
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Hiring a candidate internally or externally

Learn about the benefits to hiring internal versus external candidates and why you might want to consider outsourcing your health and safety capabilities. Gavin shares ways to train staff in the latest health and safety requirements, how technology is revolutionising training and the benefits to outsourcing your health and safety needs.
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How to ensure your company is working safely on a budget

Do you need to manage the safety of your workforce against a tight budget? This webinar will give you tips on how to implement health and safety practices on a budget. From software options to simple management practices, there's something useful for every business.
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