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The Premium Tier delivers an extensive safety package, including personalized coaching, advanced training,strategic planning, and crisis support. It's tailored for professionals or organizations aiming to achieve thehighest standards of safety performance and culture.
From $29 per user per month.
What You'll Get:
-Access to Online Coyle Safety Expert
-Everything in Gold +
-Bundle of 1000 safety docs, forms and templates and checklists
-Bespoke workshops created and delivered by a Coyle Expert to your team
-Project Contract Coyle people to manage specific projects for your team
-Senior management safety leadership training
-1 on 1 Safety Mentoring for safety staff
-Annual Gap Analysis audit and plan
-Full access to our Peer to Peer review assessment tool [c]
-Monthly scheduled safety audits by a Coyle safety expert
-Monthly attendance at safety committee meetings
-Annual Safety Strategy review and plan created by Coyle expert
-Access to SafetyHub
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