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As a construction owner, we understand how you are under pressure with a very fast-moving daily business, and you have to maintain safety and manage costs. We have created an all-in-one solution with our smart business model, which is a membership platform. It will transform the way you approach safety compliance while cutting your costs in half. With a global network of industry safety expertise and a team managed by the well-known safety expert Gavin Coyle, we're here to boost your worksite safety with our revolutionary safety model. Our goal is to be your safety partner with our affordable model while you achieve success and scale your construction company. Click the button below, and let's secure your worksite together.

The Business of safety is
Smart Business

The Business of Safety model is the first of its kind in industry, this is why?
  • We examine how to reduce and re-purpose your spending on safety
  • We have a case study that saved one company over 1 million euro by using our model
  • We have a team of experts who are dedicated to designing creative solutions that saves you money but keeps your safety standards high
  • We will build a ''profit center'' for your safety division using our model

Do you just want to access budget Safety Courses?

Worker climbing ladder.

Risk Assessment
The Basics

Worker drilling cement.

Managing Hand Arm
Vibration Syndrome In The

Engineer reading blueprint.

Managing Safety in
Construction Course

Engineer taking notes.

PSDP Course
The Basics

About Gavin Coyle
The Safety CEO

Gavin Coyle
I have owned and operated my own businesses; I have lived your experience. I understand your challenges and I know exactly how to help you and move your business forwards in a way that maintains your profit, holds on to your compliance and builds a strong team to deliver your expertise for your clients.
  • I have over 25 years' experience in the area of Safety and hold a Masters Degree in Safety. I have founded and co-founded multiple safety businesses in the area of safety consulting, safety recruiting and safety software.
  • Discover ''The business of Safety'' using my unique and proven model that allows any business to scale to success yet maintain a high standard of safety.
  • I have over 20,000 LinkedIn connections and have given radio, print and podcast talks and interviews on ''The Business of Safety''.
  • Check out my a book on amazon "Workplace safety on a budget" which is the highest leading category book in sales for its category
  • I am a Board Advisor and safety consultant in many industries such as Wind Energy, Utilities, Power Generation and Engineering.
Gavin Coyle


Make Safety part of your Business Success Story

"Coyle Group offers a fresh pair of eyes: he will often spot the potential for hazard. Gavin Coyle and the team have given us valuable safety insight over the years, working mainly on our windfarms but also on conventional power station projects.

Power generation is an exciting, dynamic business, but it need not to be a dangerous one. At Energia we are immensely proud of our safety record: our managers and workers are happy to share much of the credit with Gavin Coyle and his team."
Brian Linton, Energia, Ireland
Energia logo.
"Rengen Power manage renewables assets for many different owners in Ireland. We ensure that the projects are both operating at the highest possible level of production, and more importantly to the highest safety standards. We use integrated operation control software to ensure that the assets achieve these standards.

We have worked with Coyle Group to independently verify that we've delivered on our promise of safety. It's a partnership which has achieved real improvements in our H&S performance."
Des Regan, Rengen Power, Ireland
Rengen power logo.
"Having worked with the Coyle-Group for over 5 years in the renewable industry, Gavin and his team have always provided us at Enercon with top class professional H&S Consultants, who always wants to go the extra step for the project team. Coyle-Group brings a level of professionalism that have impressed our Clients , knowing the projects are in safe hands.

Coyle-Group have become leaders in the Wind Industry with a dedicated competent Health and Safety Team."
Declan Carroll, Enercon, Germany
Enercon logo.
"Gavin[Coyle] has supplied competent EHS personnel to support our role in safety management in key project positions. Coyle Group also supplied EHS talent to our Windfarm construction operations.

We find his people very flexible (times, shifts, locations, etc.) but also highly adaptive. At this stage, with a worldwide reputation, ESBI is far beyond doing the legal minimum.

We want to go further, making all our plants safer while ensuring our staff and contractors go home without incident. Signs are that Coyle Group thinks the same way."
Liam Mannion, ESB international
ESB International logo.
Workplace safety on a budget provides an excellent "how-to" guide for small to medium size enterprises seeking insights into providing a safe working environment. With an extensive range of topics, related to business processes, software aids, and safety practices, the book is crammed with practical knowledge of basic OSH requirements in simple and easy to understand language. The book nicely balances a strategic overview of how to plan and implement OSH, while discussing the nuts and bolts of delivering safety. Providing many useful practical insights, Gavin discusses both the pros and cons of various courses of action, leveraging his extensive experience in the business and safety world. A worthwhile read for busy managers, safety professionals, or anyone else concerned with improving their workplace safety.
Mr Dom Cooper, CEO B-Safe Management Solutions
bsms logo.
"The bespoke health and safety legal training that Gavin Coyle developed and delivered was excellent!

The training was both interesting and interactive, both trainers were knowledgeable with lots of industry experience which really enhanced the training. They provided us with the essential health and safety information that we needed, as well as giving as valuable insight through their own practical experience into health and safety within the onshore wind industry in Ireland."
Chris Nielsen, Innogy Renewables, UK
Innology logo.
"Coyle Group consultants have excellent knowledge and understanding of health and safety requirements for the mechanical and electrical sectors within the construction industry.

One of the top leaders when it comes to health and safety recruitment and consultancy.

Coyle Group are a professional, reliable and trustworthy company with whom we have established an excellent working relationship. We would highly recommend them for safety recruitment and consultancy requirements."
Declan Grady, Jones Engineering, International
Jones Engineering logo.
Gavin Coyle

Achieving Workplace Safety on a Budget!

In managing workplace safety, the most key factor is the well-being and protection of your workers. Cost should not be the primary consideration. Our publication offers affordable solutions for maintaining a safe work environment without breaking the bank.

"The incorporation of Lean into a Safe Workplace book is very positive and powerful. An organised workplace is a safer one and Gavin clearly identifies ways and means to achieve this in his book"
- Professor Mr Richard Keegan Trinity Business School


You want a safe workplace and you want to grow the success of your business

Golden Lion Head
The reason you are here is because you want to grow your business on to the next level. You want to scale the business without losing good people or breaching legislation. You want to show profit that was made using a formula that works for your company and that can be duplicated across the globe.

The fastest way to do this is to surround yourself with information and people that can generate a culture and a system that people can follow, resulting in more satisfied customers, happy workers and increased revenues.
  • Let me show you how to build your "business of safety" plan for your specific business showing you up to 50% savings in your current costs on safety in your business.
  • You can also just take our online safety courses or safety culture assessment today and still that will make a positive impact to your business today.
  • Using the power of numbers we have reduced companies expenditure on safety suppliers by creating our OneSource Safety network, join us today to hear more.
Golden Lion Head

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