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The Always Free Tier offers access to standard safety resources and the opportunity to connect through webinars and networking events. It's suitable for those seeking foundational safety knowledge and industry updates.
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Workplace Health & Safety Free Courses

Shortage of safety personnel before and after Covid-19

In this webinar, Gavin discusses the effects of COVID-19 on health and safety roles across various sectors and shares forthcoming industry trends. Access now for insights into the evolving landscape of workplace safety.
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Top techniques for interviewing safety talent

Discover effective methods for recruiting top safety talent in this webinar. Explore essential competencies for safety roles and master the use of a specialized health and safety competency framework. Learn why behavior matters in safety positions and how to evaluate team behaviors using a scorecard.
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Safety hiring: Harnessing the power of video interviews

Tune in to Gavin's expert advice on using video interviews to assess candidates for your safety roles. Gavin explores the shift towards video interviews as the new standard and offers insights into why your business should be using video as a format for hiring. Delve into effective hiring strategies and candidate assessment techniques.
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Hiring a candidate internally or externally

This webinar will show you the benefits of hiring internal or external candidates and the benefits of outsourcing your health and safety needs. Additionally, you'll learn how to train your workers in the latest health and safety requirements and how technology is revolutionizing training.
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How to ensure worksite safety on a tight budget

Join our webinar for valuable insights on cost-effective workforce safety management. Discover practical tips, from budget-friendly software choices to straightforward management strategies, tailored to meet the needs of every business.
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Slip And Trip Training Free Awareness

This course focuses on preventing slips, trips, and falls in the workplace, often caused by uneven surfaces, unsuitable floor coverings, wet floors, trailing cables, and poor housekeeping. These accidents can lead to hospitalization, disability, and even fatalities. Prevent accidents with good housekeeping: clear obstructions, maintain dry floors and use safety measures like handrails and signage.
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